Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Course (46 hours)

TDLR Approved Course #156

In Texas completing 46 hours of driver education is mandatory for all Texas Teens under the age of 18.  Our Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Course (46 hour) is designed with the student in mind. Texas Parents and teens designed this course to make learning driver education fun and enjoyable for both the Texas Teen and their parent. This course allows teens to earn their Texas Learner License and Provisional License quickly and easily.

  • Learn to drive with the most up-to-date TDLR and Texas DPS certified course including high quality videos, pictures, audio, and graphics

  • Take the Official State of Texas Driving Knowledge (Written) Test online for free - skip the DPS!

  • Highly rated by our students and parents

  • Your Driver Education Completion Certificates (DE-964) are emailed immediately

Texas Teen Drivers Ed Online Course

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What Does Online Driving Professor’s Texas Parent Taught Teen Driver Education Course Include?

This online course teaches the state-required 32 hours of driver education classroom in a fun, interactive way. This course has the most up-to-date information on Texas traffic laws and regulations.  We also provide study guides, free practice tests, and informative videos.  The 32 hour course is divided into twelve (12) manageable units that cover a variety of topics, including driving safety, traffic laws, defensive driving, road rules, driving in adverse conditions and much more. A multiple-choice quiz at the end of each unit reinforces each students understanding of the driver education and safety information. Students take The Official State of Texas Driving Knowledge Test during the course after completing Unit 1. The course includes free practice tests so teens can pass The Official State of Texas Driving Knowledge Test easily. A student receives their Driver Education Completion Certificate for the First Six Hours of Driver Education (DE-964) immediately via email after passing The Official State of Texas Driving Knowledge Test. This certificate allows teens to apply for their Texas Learner License.

The state-required 14 hours of parent-taught behind-the-wheel lessons are part of the course, and begin after a student obtains their Texas Learner License.  The lessons include detailed instructions and lesson guides for the parent-instructor. A parent must apply to be an authorized parent-instructor on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) website.  It is a quick and easy online registration that costs $20. The parent-instructor receives a TDLR Parent-Taught Program Guide by email after registration.

The Driver Education Completion Certificate (DE-964) is emailed to the student immediately after completing all 12 driver education units and behind-the-wheel lessons and assessments. At this time a student can apply for their Texas Provisional Driver License to begin driving on their own if they have completed all requirements. The requirements are that a Texas Teen:

(1)   must be 16 years old,

(2)   held a Texas Learner License for a minimum of six (6) months,

(3)   completed a minimum of 30 additional hours of adult supervised driving with the adult in the front passenger seat, and

(4)   completed a minimum of 10 additional hours of adult-supervised driving at night with an adult in the front passenger seat.

Online Driving Professor helps students and parents every step of the way to getting their Texas Learner License and Provisional Driver License.  Our friendly and helpful Customer Support Team is available seven (7) days a week to answer questions, provide guidance, and help students get their Texas Learner License as quickly as possible. Sign-up Below for Online Driving Professor's Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Course!