Frequently Asked Questioins (FAQs)

Do Online Driving Professor’s Courses Satisfy Texas DPS and TDLR requirements?  Is Online Driving Professor a TDLR-Approved Provider of Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education?

Yes. Our courses are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR Approved Provider #C3516) and exceeds all Texas Department of Public Safety Teen Driver Education requirements.

At What Age Can My Teen Begin Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education

Teens must be at least 14 years old to begin a Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course. However, a Texas Learner License cannot be issued until a teen is at least 15 years old.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No.  We know other courses charge for taking practice tests and The Official State of Texas Driving Knowledge Test, but we have no hidden fees - only a one-time course fee paid during registration.  All of our resources are free to our students.

How Can I Get a Discount

Seasonally, Online Driving Professor may offer a seasonal or holiday discount on our parent-taught driver education courses.  Also, we have a Customer Referral Program in which any new student can use a current student’s Individual Referral Code and get $10 off the course cost when registering for any Online Driving Professor course.

How Long (hours, days) Will it Take to Complete Texas Teen Driver Education?

To complete driver education in Texas, teens must complete teen driver education before their 18th birthday. Texas Teen Driver Education includes:

  • 32 hours of Driver Education Classroom, taken as an online class; and
  • 44 hours of In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Driver Education Lessons and Practice with a designated parent or legal guardian.

Besides completing the total 76 hours of driver education, Texas Teens must meet the following criteria to apply for their Texas Provisional Driver License:

(1)  be at least 16 years old
(2)  have held their Texas Learner License for at least six (6) months
(3)  completed the two (2) hour Texas Impact Teen Drivers course, and
(4)  passed the Texas DPS Driving Road Test

What is a DE-964?

A DE-964 is a Texas Driver Education Completion Certificate issued by an online driver education company, a driving school, or a high school driver education course.  Online Driving Professor issues a DE-964 after our students:

  • successfully complete the first six (6) hours of Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Classroom to apply for their Texas Learner License, or
  • successfully complete our Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Course consisting of 32 hours of driver education classroom and 14 hours of In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons, or
  • successfully complete our Texas Parent-Taught In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Only Teen Driver Education Course (14 hours)

How long does it take to complete the courses

It all depends on the schedule of both the teen and parent-instructor.  Most of our students finish our Texas Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education Course (46 hours) in about four (4) months.  Some finish the course in as little as two (2) months, and some teens go beyond six (6) months.

Online Driving Professor’s Texas Teen Driver Education Course is a self-paced course and teen drivers can complete the online driver education classroom in 17 days, or as their time permits. Many teens choose to complete an hour or two per day, while other teens have a very busy schedule, with extra-curricular school activities and/or work, and it takes them longer. There is no course expiration date for when you have to complete the course. The parent-instructor will teach the in-car behind-the-wheel lessons using Online Driving Professor’s Instructor Guides, Lesson Plans, and Checklists. Online Driving Professor’s In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Lessons are also self-paced. The behind-the-wheel lessons can begi after a teen receives their Texas Learner License. The behind-the-wheel lessons will take a minimum of 14 days to complete.

Online Driving Professor’s Texas Parent-Taught In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Only Teen Driver Education Course is a self-paced course. Teens, with their parent-instructor, can complete the course in as little as 14 days, or as time permits. Many parents and teens choose to schedule their behind-the-wheel lessons for an hour or two each week, and practice and master the driving objectives before moving on to the next lesson. The length of this course depends on how quickly a teen masters in-car driving skills and the schedule and availability of the teen and parent. We encourage our teens and parents to take the time necessary for a teen to feel confident and master the lesson's driving skills before going on to the next lesson.

How do parents and teens log behind-the-wheel driving time

Online Driving Professor provides our teens and parents a log for completing the 14 Hours of In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons and the 30-Hours of Additional Driving Practice.  The logs are downloadable from course resources, lesson pages, and are included in Online Driving Professor’s Parent-Taught In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Packet.

What is Online Driving Professor’s Parent-Taught In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Packet

Online Driving Professor’s Parent-Taught In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Packet, or “The Packet” includes all the parent-instructor lesson instructions, lesson guides, lesson checklists, the 14 Hour Driving Log, the 30 Hour Driving Log, a Texas Provisional License Checklist, a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement, and a Guide to Passing the Texas Driving Road Test. We recommend the parent/student download The Packet, keep it in a binder, and have it with you during each parent-taught in-car lesson.

How Do I Re-set My Password

You re-set your password by going to the main website page, go to Log-in, and click on “Forgot Password”. Type in your email address you used during registration. The directions on how to reset your password will be emailed to you.

How do I log into the course on my computer, phone, or tablet

You will use your email address as the user name, and the password you created during course sign-up.  After log-in, the first screen you see is your Student Dashboard. You access the course by clicking the ACCESS COURSE button at the top right corner.  The course bookmarks the page you are on when you log out, and when you log back in, you will begin on the page you left off.