Why Should Your Parent Be Your Texas Parent-Taught Driving Instructor?

Hey Guys!  I’m back to talk to you about Texas Teen Driver Education. Online Driving Professor just launched a new TDLR–approved course – Texas Parent-Taught Teen In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Only Driver Education.  Yep, it’s a super long name for having your parent, instead of a driving school or paid driving instructor, teach you the in-car driver education lessons required to apply for a Texas Provisional Driver License.


Today, many teens take the 32 hours of driver education classroom at their high school or a driving school, but are choosing to sign-up for a parent-taught behind-the-wheel only course instead of paying more at a driving school or for a driving instructor.


I know – you may think its crazy – why would any Texas Teen want their parent to be their driving instructor, right?  Well, let me give you some really valid reasons why parent-taught driver education is so popular with Texas Teens.


Save Money! By signing up for a parent-taught behind-the-wheel only course, like Online Driving Professor’s Texas Parent-Taught Teen In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Only Driver Education Course, you and your parent are saving hundreds of dollars!  The cost of most parent-taught behind-the-wheel only courses is around $50.


Convenient and Flexible!  You get to schedule your in-car driving lessons at your convenience.  You can finish the required 14 hours of behind-the-wheels when it fits best in your schedule. 


Private Lessons! One of the biggest benefits of parent-taught behind-the-wheel lessons is that you do not have other student drivers in the car with you.  You can learn without others watching and feel more relaxed.  Let’s face it, learning to drive can be scary. Most teens are less worried if they make a mistake when their trusted parent or guardian is teaching them to drive.


More Time to Master Driving Skills! Many teens and parents say the biggest benefit of parent-taught behind-the-wheel lessons is that you can go over difficult skills, like parallel parking and entering a freeway, as many times as you need to feel confident.  It takes most students more than the required 14 hours of driving observation and practice to master driving skills and get comfortable driving in different environments –  city streets, rural roadways, and expressways.


Lastly, who has the final decision on if you are really ready to get your driver license?  Only a parent can give their permission for you to apply for a Texas Provisional Driver License.  Every Texas Teen is required to do an additional 30 hour of driving practice with their parent or guardian after completing the Texas required 14 hours of behind-the-wheel driving observation and practice lessons. You have to be driving with them anyway and gain their confidence that you are a competent, confident, and knowledgeable driver.  Your parents or guardians are the adults truly invested in making sure you are a safe and knowledgeable driver.


Online Driving Professor LogoToday, more Texas Teens are choosing parent-taught behind-the-wheel driver education because it is the most flexible, least costly, and most personal behind-the-wheel driver education instruction available.  Online Driving Professor offers an outstanding behind-the-wheel only course consisting of 13 online lessons with printable lesson materials for each in-car lesson.  The course includes highly rated, well-developed, detailed parent-instructor lesson plans, lesson guides and checklists, and printable guides for passing the Texas Driving Road Test and al the steps for getting your Texas Provisional Driver License.  All a parent has to do is register as a parent-taught instructor with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation here.


So – don’t wait! Have your parent sign-up to be a TDLR-approved parent instructor and start learning how to drive today! Your parent will be invested in your success, and you will have the time and privacy you need to learn to drive safely and confidently.  Sign-up Today!