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We want to keep you up to date on current driving topics and issues that are important for Texas Teens. Come back to our blog from time to time to learn about the topics affecting teen drivers on our roadways.

Texas Teen Drivers: Driving Safely Around Trucks and Other Oversized Vehicles

Have you ever felt panicked or uneasy when driving near a truck or another oversized vehicle? Well, there is no reason to be afraid of driving near oversized vehicles, but there are many reasons to pay attention and use extreme caution. Large trucks and buses have large blind spots, require

Tips to Keep Texas Teen Drivers and Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

This week is when Texas kids hit the streets in search of their favorite Halloween treats. While Halloween is supposed to be about spooky fun, inexperienced teen drivers and children in costumes during evening hours has proven to be deadly. The National Safety Council reports “kids are tw

Why Should Your Parent Be Your Texas Parent-Taught Driving Instructor?

Hey Guys!  I’m back to talk to you about Texas Teen Driver Education. Online Driving Professor just launched a new TDLR–approved course – Texas Parent-Taught Teen In-Car Behind-the-Wheel Only Driver Education.  Yep, it’s a super long name for having your parent, instead of a d

Teen’s Guide to Getting Ready for the Texas Driving Skills Road Test

Before you take your Texas Driving Skills Road Test – either at a Texas DPS Driver License Office or through a private testing provider – you need to practice the driving maneuvers you will be tested on.  You need to know exactly what you will be tested on, and then make sure y

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