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We want to keep you up to date on current driving topics and issues that are important for Texas Teens. Come back to our blog from time to time to learn about the topics affecting teen drivers on our roadways.

lower insurance rates

Let’s Talk About Teen Drivers and Car Insurance

Is your teen getting their Texas Learner License (permit) or Provisional Driver License soon?  Having a new teen driver in the household can cause mixed emotions for parents. While you will enjoy the freedom of not having to drive your teen to school or extracurricular activities, you may

Texas Learner License Service

Texas Learner License or Permit for Texas Teens

Texas Teens, ages 15 to 17 years old, who are enrolled in an approved Online Parent-Taught Teen Driver Education course, or a traditional driving school course, can apply for their Texas Learner License or Permit after completing the first six hours of the course.   Getting your Texas

driver education

Parent-Taught Driver Education For The Win

Hey Guys! I’m here to talk about Parent-Taught Driver Education. My sisters and I, along with most of my friends, learned to drive with their parent as the instructor using Texas’ Parent-Taught Driver Education guidelines. It was so easy and convenient with our busy high school schedule

Distraction While Driving

Distracted Driving: Hey Let’s Pay Attention

Hey Guys! I’m here to talk about Driving Distractions. Driving is a skill that requires every teen driver’s full attention. The majority of teen deaths every year are caused by car collisions. Being a distracting passenger or a distracted driver is just not smart or worth the risk.

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