After registration, any current student and parent can use the student’s Individual Referral Code to refer friends, classmates, neighbors, and family to Texas Online Driver Education. Every time you refer someone and they register using your Individual Referral Code, you will be emailed a $10 Amazon E-Gift Certificate. And – your friend gets $10 off the price of the course!  A real WIN-WIN!

How Does Texas Online Driver Education’s Customer Referral Program Work?

  1. Students are given an Individual Referral Code when registering for Texas Online Driver Education.
  2. A student’s Individual Referral Code is located in the top right corner of the MY PROFILE section of the course.
  3. Students and parents can send/share the student’s Individual Referral Code with friends, classmates, neighbors, other parents, and family via text, email, social media, etc.
  4. When someone successfully registers for Texas Online Driver Education using the Individual Referral Code, the student is emailed a $10 Amazon E-Gift Card.
  5. The Amazon E-Gift Cards are emailed every Friday to our students who successfully referred someone that week.